The sermons are included here for anyone who would like access to them. They are protected by copyright.  Should you wish to use any part of these please contact Revd. Keren Terpstra for permission.


Sunday 4th NovemberAll Saints All Souls Yr B 4-11-18 Eltham Sunday 28th October - St Simon and Jude 28-10-18 Yr B Eltham Sunday 21st October - St Luke 21-10-18 Yr B Eltham Sunday 7th October - St Francis of Assisi 7-10-18 Yr B Eltham Sunday 26th August - Pentecost XIV Yr B 26-8-18 Eltham Sunday 5th August - Transfiguration YrB 5-8-18 Eltham Sunday 15th July - PLANNED GIVING TALK 2018 Sunday 15th July - Pentecost VIII Yr B 15-7-18 Eltham Planned Giving III Sunday 8th July - Pentecost VII Yr B 8-7-18 Eltham Planned Giving II Sunday 1st July - Pentecost VI Yr B 1-7-18 Eltham Planned Giving I Sunday 1st July - Reflection for Sunday 1 July at St Margaret Sunday 24th June - Pentecost V Yr B 24-6-18 Eltham Sunday 17th June - Pentecost IV YrB 17-6-18 Eltham Sunday 10th June - Pentecost III Yr B 10-6-18 Eltham Sunday 20th May - Pentecost Yr B 20-5-18 Eltham Sunday 13th MayEaster VII Yr B 13-5-18 Eltham Sunday 6th MayEaster VI Yr B Eltham 6-5-18 Sunday 29th April - Easter V Sermon 29 April 2018- Andrew McNeill, Army Chaplain Sunday 22nd April - Easter IV YrB 22-4-18 Eltham Sunday 15th April - Easter III YrB 15-4-18 Eltham Sunday 8th AprilEaster II YrB 8-4-18 Eltham Easter Day 1st April - Easter Day YrB 1-4-18 Eltham Thursday 29th March - Maundy Thursday YrB 29-3-18 Eltham Sunday 25th March - Palm Sunday Yr B 25-3-18 Eltham Sunday 11th March - Lent IV Yr B 11-3-18 Eltham Sunday 4th March - Lent III Year B Eltham 4-3-18 Sunday 25th February - Lent II Year B Eltham 25-2-18 Sunday 18th February Lent I 18-2-18 Yr B Eltham Sunday 11th FebruaryLast after Epiphany Transfiguration 11-2-18 Yr B Eltham Sunday 28th JanuaryEpiphany IV Yr B Eltham 28-1-18 Sunday 21st JanuaryEpiphany III Yr B Eltham 21-1-18 Sunday 14th JanuaryEpiphany II Yr B Eltham 14-1-18 Sunday 7th January 2018Baptism of Christ Yr B Eltham 7-1-18  


Sunday 31st December 2017Epiphany YrB 31-12-17 Eltham Sunday 19th November - St Margarets Day Service - Jan Crombie Sunday 3rd September - The hidden life of trees - Jenny Disney Sunday 13th August - Pentecost X Yr A 13-8-17 Eltham Sunday 6th August - Transfiguration Year A 6-8-17 Eltham Vision-Planned Giving VII Sunday 30th July - Pentecost VIII Yr A 30-7-17 Eltham Vision-Planned Giving VI Sunday 23rd July - Mary Magdalene Yr A 23-7-17 Eltham Vision-Planned Giving V Sunday 16th July - Pentecost VI Yr A 16-7-17 Eltham Vision-Planned Giving IV Sunday 9th July - Pentecost V Yr A 9-7-17 Eltham Vision-Planned Giving III Sunday 2nd July - Pentecost IV Yr A 2-7-17 Eltham Vision-Planned Giving II Sunday 25th June - PENTECOST 3 - The Venerable Jan Crombie Sunday 11th June - Trinity Yr A 11-6-17 Sunday 30th April - Easter III YrA 30-4-17 Eltham Sunday 16th April - Easter Day YrA 16-4-17 Eltham Friday 14th April - Good Friday Yr A 14-4-17 Eltham Sunday 2nd April - Lent V Yr A 2-4-17 Yr A Eltham Sunday 26th March - Lent IV Yr A 26-3-17 Eltham Sunday 19th March - 19 March 2017 - Third Sunday in Lent Sunday March 12th - John 3 Lent 2 - Revd. Joy Sandefur Sunday March 5th - Lent I Yr A 5-3-17 Eltham Sunday February 26th - Last after Epiphany Transfiguration 26-2-17 Yr A Eltham Sunday February 19th - Epiphany VII YrA 29-2-17 Eltham Sunday February 12th - Epiphany VI Yr A 12-2-17 Eltham Sunday February 5th - Presentation of Christ Yr A 5-2-17 Eltham Sunday January 29th - Epiphany IV Yr A 29-1-17 Eltham Sunday January 22nd - Epiphany III Yr A 22-1-17 Eltham Sunday January 15th - Epiphany II YrC 15-1-17 Eltham Sunday January 8th -  Baptism of our Lord YrC 7-1-17 Eltham Sunday January 1st  - Epiphany YrC 1-1-17 Eltham