Kathleen Toal 

Kathleen, her husband Gary and their three children moved to Eltham in 1977.  They began worshiping at St Margaret’s at the time the old Gibson Hall was being demolished to make way for the new Mud Brick Hall which opened in 1978.  Since then Kathleen has lived through many changes in the parish. Kathleen enjoys her role as Parish Treasurer, having a keen interest in Accounts, Financial Reporting and Budgets. Kathleen is also a member of the Parish Discovering Spirituality Team, an outworking of her faith about which she is passionate.  Other interests include Reading, Genealogy and Family History.  Kathleen has been an active member of the Movement for the Ordination of Women since 1984 and is Treasurer of MOWatch Australia. Kathleen sadly lost Gary in 2018. She now has seven grandchildren who are a great delight.

David Tuke

I have lived in Eltham for 25 years with my family - my wife Mitzi and our three children, Emily, Lachlan and Natalie. Up until recently the Catholic Church played a large part in my life (sometimes at more times than others). We are now attending St Margaret's and finding a more inclusive, forward looking and democratic experience of our collective faith, while carrying forward its traditional expression. I am a director of a superannuation software development company and I have a number of interests, among them being woodwork and building, Roman and Medieval history, philosophy and Internet web design.

John Humann

John Humann has been a parishioner at St Margarets since 2004, when he and his wife, Jan Kerr, moved to Eltham.He has served on Parish Council since 2009, and is currently chair of the Parish Council Finance Committee. John is a Research Funding Coordinator at Swinburne University, and previously worked in Information Technology, in Business Development and before that as a teacher in secondary schools and TAFE.His interests include choir and band at St Margarets, history, music, art, ecology, travel, as well as outdoor pursuits such as cycling, ocean swims, bodysurfing, bushwalking and cross country skiing.


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