• 5th August,2020

    Morning Prayer – Zoom

    Wednesday, 9:30am

  • 8th August,2020

    Evening Prayer – Livestream only

    Saturday, 4:00pm

  • 9th August,2020

    Eucharist – The Transfiguration of our Lord

    Sunday, 9:30am

  • 13th August,2020

    Saint Margaret’s Second Historical Series Online

    Thursday, 7:30pm

If planning an event at St. Margaret’s please complete the Event Planning Sheet and send to

Event Planning


Revd. Keren Terpstra

Vicar, St Margaret’s



Keren’s first vocation…

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Revd. Robert Street

Honorary Associate Priest


Revd. Robert Street

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Revd. Christopher Garcia




Christopher was born in Adelaide…

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