Clergy Honour Board

The Vicars of Saint Margaret’s are listed on a Clergy Honour Board that is affixed in the Church building. It should be noted that it contains inaccuracies for some of the early Vicars. This is corrected below.


 Vicars of Saint Margaret’s

R Mackie 1864-66 W Green 1904-15 D B Warner 1956-60
J Hollis 1866-68 T H Sapsford 1915-22 W J Carter 1960-64
 A Brown 1869-1873  J A Peck 1922-29  D Longfield 1964-69
 A J Pickering 1874-79  F E H Tolhurst 1929-31  K J Brierty 1969-72
 J B Gason 1879-88  T R Mappin 1931-40  I F Brown 1972-79
 W T Price 1888-90  A T Roberts 1940-49  R L Dowling 1979-89
 A P Chase 1890-97  R G Long 1949-51  V H Rogers 1989-96
 T W Davis 1897-1904  J F Gibbins 1951-56  E A Mathieson 1997-2001
     E J Delbridge 2001-2015



It should be noted that the first full-time Minister of Saint Margaret’s was a Layperson, Dixon Bertram (1860 to 1863), and his name is not recorded on the Clergy Honour Board.