What is HeartEdge:” An international ecumenical movement galvanizing churches to be at the heart of their communities whilst being with those on the edge.”

Its beginnings started at St.Martins in the Fields, London, spearheaded by Rev.Sam Wells. In 2021, St. Margaret’s HeartEdge journey began with Parish Council’s study of Sam Wells book “A Future that’s Bigger than the Past”. This link will help you explore this exciting understanding of the possibilities of our faith, being open to partnership and collaboration with others in the wider world.


HeartEdge has four areas that are important to its function.

  • Congregation – Day-to-day communal life, liturgy and worship
  • Compassion – Empowering congregations to address social need
  • Culture – Art, Music, performance re-imaging the Christain narrative for the present
  • Commerce – Finding income streams to achieve financial sustainability and grow flourishing programs, extending mission

These “Four C’s” are at the forefront of St.Margaret’s moving forward.