Faith Issues

The group meets every first and third Monday of the month from February to December. The group discuss a very wide range of issues which impact our Christian faith. Encouragement is provided for all to participate in discussion within a non-threatening and affirming environment. The group meets at a member’s home. Following the discussion, which begins at 7.30pm and concludes  about  9pm, a light supper is served. Each discussion is stand-alone so attendees do not miss out on what may have gone before. All members are encouraged to suggest issues for discussion and encouragement is given for members to also lead a discussion. This is however not a requirement of being part of the group. Transport can be arranged from contacting the co-ordinator.

By sharing our faith experience, our beliefs and our attitudes with each other, this provides opportunities for strengthening each person’s individual faith. This can arise from new insights, confirmation and challenges. Discussions topics are diverse which has included in the past:

  • Jesus of History and Christ of Faith
  • What’s the Point of Prayer?
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Genesis Chapters 1 to 3
  • Miracles
  • The Soul
  • Symbols and Christianity
  • Freedom of Faith: Israel Folou
  • Jesus: Sophia or Logos
  • Near Death Experiences
  • Paul the Apostle


The co-ordinator is Dr Geoff Sandy and can be contacted:

MOB: 0434422768

TEL: 94598640