The parish council comprises of 7 members of St. Margaret’s congregation and the vicar .

The Council members for 2020-2021 are:

Sandra Brown-Holt

Sandra and her family joined St. Margaret’s in 1980’s after discovering a Christian children’s program run in conjunction with Uniting Church. She has a longstanding strong Christian Faith and it wasn’t long before she was engaged in supporting and leading many church groups and committees.

One of her first ventures was to co-lead a group for early adolescents to follow on from the children’s program, an initiation by fire, however many of these adolescents went on to become lifelong friends. Sandra has almost always been involved in Parish Life serving as a Vesty member and Warden for numerous vicars.  Informal pastoral care and awareness of others is always at forefront of her mind as is a deep desire to maintain her own spiritual life.  Sandra comes from a nursing background, ‘ once a nurse always a nurse’ as the children grew, she specialized in psychiatric nursing before entering further study obtaining a Grad. Dip. at Latrobe in Counselling. When no one would employ her as a nurse/counsellor, she set up her own practice in an area where there were few resources at the time. Sandra has 3 grandchildren and many adopted ones.   Her home in Research which she shares with her husband Brian, is rarely without someone usually homeless, living with them.  

Mandy Stevens

Mandy began worshipping at St Margaret’s in 2003 when she moved into the local area as a young mum and needed to find a peaceful place of spirituality. Mandy is married with two children who are now teenagers and works as a school chaplain at a state primary school.  Over the years Mandy has become more connected to the life of St Margaret’s and is on a number of rosters to contribute to the running of this lovely church.

Recently she has taken on a temporary role as Children and Family Engagement Worker at St Margaret’s and has thoroughly enjoyed being involved in shaping the future of children’s ministry here. As a new member of Parish Council, Mandy is looking forward to working with a team to think creatively about new ways forward for the parish. Mandy is particularly interested in the ministry of women using different forms of contemplative and reflective spiritual practices. 

Harry Watson

Harry and Adrienne joined the Parish after the Rev Ian Brown gave them a reference to help them adopting a five year old girl.  Since then he has served in many activity areas including pastoral care, grounds and building maintenance & project managing developments. He has been a warden, parish secretary, on several committees including property, finance, children’s ministry, incumbency and pastoral care. 

He has authored or edited/coedited church publications such as New ERA News and The Parish Matters and the Parish Profile prepared by the committee. He currently is secretary of Pastoral Care.

He has worked all his life here as a staff member of the University of Melbourne and still teaches on Energy Efficiency Technology.  

Beyond love of family and gardening he still has a passion for fast cars.


Betty Cooper

 David Tuke

I have lived in Eltham for 25 years with my family – my wife Mitzi and our three children, Emily, Lachlan and Natalie. Up until recently the Catholic Church played a large part in my life (sometimes at more times than others). We are now attending St Margaret’s and finding a more inclusive, forward looking and democratic experience of our collective faith, while carrying forward its traditional expression.

I am a director of a superannuation software development company and I have a number of interests, among them being woodwork and building, Roman and Medieval history, philosophy and Internet web design.

 Helen Robertson