Welcome to St Margaret's

We are a community of pilgrims committed to be the bearers of God's love and service in the contemporary world. We seek to:
  • form a community of people unreservedly devoted to God and deeply committed to one another.
  • warmly welcome the new, the wandering, the poor and the unloved.
  • show compassion and strive for justice and fairness to all in our community.
  • grow into a church that is creative and alive, contemporary and led by God's Spirit.
  • be relevant to people's needs and co-operatively seek answers to questions we ask about our lives and living.
  • strive to care for all people and to support and encourage them on their journeys through life.
  • operate as a community of servants with men and women using their gifts.
  • serve with inspiration and distinction as a church community.


Revd. Keren Terpstra

Vicar, St Margaret's     Keren's first vocation...

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Revd. Robert Street

Honorary Associate Priest

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