Saturday, 2:00pm

Naidoc Truth Telling – POSTPONED


The Nillumbik Reconciliation Group and Do Justice Team from St Margaret’s presents:

NAIDOC Truth Telling

With the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria
Meet Jordy Mifsud (Gunditjamara) –

Hear about

The Truth and Justice Commission called Yoo-rrok

Also, an exhibition of art works by

   Glenn Loughrey (Wiradjuri)    


                The First People’s Assembly of Victoria

Through an election process across the First People’s communities in Victoria the First People’s Assembly was established in 2019. The Assembly is working with Victorian Government to develop a Treaty Negotiation Framework for the rules and processes by which a treaty can be agreed on.

There are three elements:   A self-determination fund so negotiations are on an equal footing; a Treaty Authority to oversee the treaty negotiations; an Elders Voice to give cultural guidance to the Assembly.

In June 2020 the Assembly agreed that Truth Telling must be a fundamental part of Treaty making.

Truth telling is a process of sharing historical truths after periods of conflict. It acknowledges and reveals human rights violations by promoting the voices of those who have been victims of those violations.

In May 2021, the Yoo-rrook Justice Commission was established after consultations with Aboriginal communities. It is the first truth telling commission to be established in Australia. Five commissioners were appointed by the Assembly. Their mandate is to enquire into and report on historical systematic injustices perpetrated against First Peoples since colonisation including present day injustices.

The aim is to develop a shared understanding of the impacts of colonisation with all Victorians and to reveal the diversity, strength and resilience of First Peoples culture, knowledge and traditional practices. Reports will be made in June 2022 and final report in June 2024.

We will be hearing from Jordy Mifsud.  For more information about her you can google- Jordy Mifsud.