Monday, 7:30pm

Faith Issues Discussion Group


At the Faith Issues meeting to be held Monday 3 May, Chris Mulherin the Executive Director of ISCAST will visit the Parish to comprehensively explore the relationship between our Christian faith and science/ technology. He is well-placed to do so.

The Rev. Dr Chris Mulherin is an Anglican minister with a background in engineering, philosophy, and theology. Chris’s doctorate in philosophical theology and philosophy of science dealt with the relationship between scientific and other knowledge claims such as those of theology.

ISCAST is network of very diverse people who are dedicated to exploring the relationship between religious faith and  science/ technology. You may care to peruse its website:

It is hoped that a larger than normal number will attend to discuss  important faith issues around this relationship. All parishioners, friends and family are warmly invited. The presentation/ discussion will be held in the Church (warmed) and the usual light supper will be held in the mud brick hall at the conclusion of the discussion.


Geoff Sandy MOB 0434422768

Grace and peace.