Growing Faith in Children and their families

Children are vitally important to the life of St Margaret’s. We love having children with us in church and don’t mind at all if they are a bit restless or chatty.

The Faith Formation team partners with parents and grandparents as they teach their children to know that God loves and accepts them.

We also provide faith formation for parents through various small groups in the parish.

Faith formation

As a parent or grandparent faith formation may mean that you:

  • Listen to and talk with your child about important questions of life- God’s love, faith, suffering, hope, forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance, being part of God’s family, care for others.
  • Pray for your child through the ups and downs of their life and their faith journey.
  • Show them by example how to live ethically, make good choices, and learn to forgive.
  • Help them to learn more about their Christian faith, by encouraging their participation in church and in other ways.

We support faith formation for families in the following ways:

Holy Baptism

Baptism is also called the door of the spiritual life; for by it we are made members of Christ and become members of the Church. When someone is baptised, that person is brought to Jesus Christ, and made a member of Christ’s Church. It is a new start to life in which the baptised person is accepted and sealed by God with God’s Spirit to represent Christ to the world.

If you are contemplating Baptism for your child or yourself, please contact the parish office to arrange an appointment with the priest Rev. Keren Terpstra.

Participation in Holy Communion for children aged 8-11.

We have a program that educates children about the Christian faith, our Anglican tradition and the structure of our services.


In confirmation, the candidate confirms the promises made (usually on their behalf when they were an infant) at their baptism. We prepare teenagers and adults to make their own commitment of faith in Jesus Christ through confirmation.

Faith development events

We conduct events that enable children, teenagers and their families to participate in activities that make use of our labyrinth and natural play space as well as meditative services for younger folk.

We encourage all children to participate in special activities in services during the seasons of the church year and support older children to use their musical gifts in special services of celebration.

Worship services

The 10 am morning service caters for all ages. Children are encouraged to attend with their parents and participate in the services as much as they are able.

Babies and toddlers:

Parents of small children can sit in reserved seats on the left hand side of the church where there is a mat with comfy cushions, toys, books and activities for children to play with thatconform to child safety requirements.

If your child needs to be changed the change table is in the disabled toilet.

There is a comfy chair in the small meeting room for breastfeeding.

If your toddler wants more space to move around there are some toys stored in the cupboard in the entry and the service is broadcast there or you can take them down to the back of the church.

Kinder and early primary age children

Young children are given a folder and some coloured pencils with materials related to the topic of the day. There are also puzzles and books in the kids corner of church.

Upper primary children

Children between the ages of 8-11 are prepared to participate in Holy Communion and expected to take part in the service. They are offered folders with relevant activities and pencils. These children are encouraged to take part in services and will be rostered on age-appropriate roles.

Teenagers are offered opportunities to use their gifts to participate in the services through reading, prayers and music.

Visiting children are also offered age- appropriate activities

All age church facilities

St Margaret’s church is very fortunate to have some lovely surrounds that include spaces and equipment for all age relaxation and faith formation:

  • Large scale all age games that can be played indoors or outside and we encourage parishioners to spend time together.
  • A natural play space where children and adults can use their creativity.

A full size labyrinth where children and their families can walk or enjoy the garden, some of which was planted and watered by the children.


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